Key Points Covered in the Book

Tricky Moments

Children often encounter situations with friends and peers where they are uncertain.  This is natural.  What helps is recognising tricky moments and using their own words to describe what is going on for them.

Recognising Emotions

An important aspect of manging a tricky moment is understanding the feeling that can happen.  Social Stepping Stones provides a range of techniques for grown-ups to use to help children identify and label their emotions.

Solution Finding

Children are often great at finding solutions. The  problem is that grown-ups tend to assume they know how to solve their problem for them.  Social Stepping Stones helps ensure adults listen to the solutions children can find for themselves.

Active Listening: Life Skill

The skill of active listening is vital for addressing tricky moments.  This book shares 5 keys for grown-ups to use in helping children share their experiences and feel that their voice is important.

Children Finding Their Voice

Children need to build their confidence by finding their voice to discuss tricky moments, how they feel and what they think can happen to resolve the situation. Social Stepping Stones acts as a guide for grown-ups and children to find an assertive voice.

Growth Mindset

The use of social stepping stones has been developed to recognise that engaging and resolving tricky moments helps children develop a growth mindset.

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Using the 5 Social Stepping Stones helps children to develop emotional and social skills, as well as a growth mindset.