Slide 5 Social Stepping Stones Year 5 pupil "This is amazing. It made me feel I’ve been expressing my emotions and now I know what to do" Teaching children how to resolve
disagreements at home
or in school

Can I use the 5 Social Stepping Stones?

For Parents & Carers

Parents and carers using 5 Social Stepping Stones can help children understand what can happen when they encounter tricky situations and how to go about solving these moments through a structured conversation.

For Educators

It can help children recognise that they can explore and develop their emotions in tricky moments. The book can be used as a personal support to pupils or part of a wider class discussion in various aspects of the curriculum.

For Professionals

It can be used to facilitate professionals to have a one-to-one conversation with a child.  5 Social Stepping Stones is a structured process to help professionals share the views of children with parents/carers or educators.


Adults & Children

Do you wonder how to support children to deal with tricky moments with friends and peers?


Is there a relationship issue with a child that needs to be resolved?

As a leading expert in restorative practice and conflict resolution for children and young people, Dr. Luke Roberts brings over 20 years of experience into his ground-breaking 5-step Social Stepping Stones.

For grown-ups to use as a ‘relationship first-aid kit’ to help children with their tricky moments.

Section 1 offers advice for adults on how to support children with tricky moments in relationships.

Section 2 is for children aged 4-7 and uses an illustrated story to show how a young girl, Alex, deals with tricky moments with her friends, and then with her brother.

Section 3 is an interactive journey book that allows grown-ups and children aged 6-11 to explore and understand what happened, their emotions, and what they can do to find their own solutions.


Children With Tricky Moments


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If you want practical steps to help your child this is the book for you.

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